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4 Strategies to Keep Your Call Center Agents Happy

July 2015


4 strategies to keep your call center agents happyA theater background isn’t required for a call center job, but sometimes a bit of acting may be required.

For instance, even if someone is having a bad day, they should still practice their best customer service skills and keep …


Every call center is different in what kind of message their clients want their agents to share and what type of help they can provide. Though the client’s products and services may vary, what should never change is the call …


harness the power of your answering serviceWhen deciding to work with a live answering service vs. an auto attendant or answering your own phones 24/7, it requires the same or even more due diligence as choosing a key employee. Like any business relationship, it is important …


Focus on the human touch

One of the most obvious advantages to using a call center over an auto attendant is the human factor. People become very frustrated when they are trapped in “auto attendant jail” with no way out.…


If you look at the big picture of outsourcing, we outsource all the time – with great results.

Rather than hunting and gathering food ourselves, we go to stores or restaurants where those services have been done for us.

We …