November 2015 | AnswerNow

What to do When Your Practice is Drowning in Customer Service Calls

November 2015

Your patients are your bread and butter, but handling their needs efficiently can be a tricky endeavor. You need to have a system in place that allows you to handle patient calls, both incoming and outgoing, effectively. Successful patient communication


In today’s fast paced world, everyone expects quick responses with 24/7 accessibility. Some businesses have mastered the day-to-day operations that are necessary to maintain the utmost quality of service for their customers, but unfortunately, many others have not. For some …


common customer service mistakesAs much as every customer service agent would love and be grateful for a compliment, most callers don’t always give kudos. Callers may appreciate that their problems was or will be solved, and they’ll hopefully hang up happy, but the …


3 ways to spot a bad call centerWe often discuss what qualities the best call centers offer, which can be an excellent guide for companies trying to find a new provider or considering a change.

These desirable features can also be flipped around into “what we don’t …