Benefits of a Bilingual Call Center

Now, more than ever, we live in a global community. What does this mean for business? Today’s online businessman or businesswoman needs to be willing and able to do business with anyone, anywhere. If your employees can’t understand a customer or speak their language, you run the risk of losing that customer’s business.

One of the best solutions is to consider bringing in a bilingual customer service team. Studies show that caller satisfaction increases when they can interact with someone who knows their language, and they’re also willing to stay on hold. You will increase your ability to reach a wider audience, and thus increase your ability for improved revenue.

Bilingual call centers reduce your operating costs

Tapping into the talents of an established bilingual call center force is also a smarter use of your resources rather than trying to find in-house employees who may speak other languages to varying degrees. Outsourcing any language issues reduces the cost of hiring bilingual staff internally. Overall, the modern business arena is growing more and more crowded, so it makes smart financial sense to bring in call center agents who can speak a customer’s language.

Increase customer satisfaction with bilingual ability

Customer satisfaction is sure to rise exponentially with bilingual help – by bringing in this type of assistance, you’re basically saying to your customers, “We truly care about you and want to make this customer service process as convenient and comfortable for you as we can – thanks for your business” instead of “Sorry, I didn’t catch that.” You will also decrease lost calls and hang-ups due to language barriers. It’s a way to connect with customers on a much more personal level.

AnswerNow Spanish Interpreter and Answering Service

The services of AnswerNow’s bilingual customer call center include a Spanish Interpreter and Answering Service team and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This “always ready to go” approach benefits companies interested in cultivating customers from around the world, especially those in different time zones. At least 60 percent of the team speaks Spanish as well as English, but they also must pass a proficiency exam before being allowed to officially start talking with Spanish-speaking customers. You can rest assured that AnswerNow’s bilingual team members will guarantee the absolute highest level of professional customer service, while remaining conversational, friendly and helpful.

In our ever-expanding community of diversity, it’s simply no longer an option to miss opportunities because of language barriers. If you’re interested in improving your level of service and increasing your ability to reach customers, contact AnswerNow today for a free quote for bilingual call center services!