Answer on the 3rd ring: Improving conversions with quick response

Despite the fact that online customer service has become the new normal, telephone customer service is still a valuable asset. Having good telephone attention can distinguish your business from the competition, increase customer satisfaction and retention rates, 

A business phone call can be a great way for a company to engage with their customers and prospects. But if the call is not handled in a timely manner, it could lead to lost opportunities. If missed calls and long waiting times become a recurrent issue, your customers could simply decide to switch to a different company — after all, it’s very easy to find alternative providers online. Some of the reasons why businesses need to take phone calls quickly include:

  • Businesses need to have efficient customer service, which allows them to keep their customers happy and maintain their loyalty, increasing their customer base and profits in the long term.
  • A business phone call can lead to sales opportunities, so it’s important for your staff to take them as quickly as possible to prevent missed opportunities.
  • If there is no one available at the company who is qualified or willing to answer questions, the risk of losing out on potential leads increases. This can impact your customer base and cause financial trouble
  • Customers expect a quick response, because they are used to fast mobile and online experiences.

Why do customers expect a quick response

As we mentioned above, customers want their queries solved as soon as possible, and they are not willing to wait for an answer. This is because people have come to expect fast, on-demand services from the digital world in which we now live. There are many factors that have led to this change, which has happened over the course of several decades.

Ever since online shopping and automated customer service became commonplace, customers have grown accustomed to instant gratification from their smartphones and other devices that offer instant connectivity. It has also become normal to carry out instant transactions in person or online, with the rise of mobile payment platforms, catalogs, shipment tracking, and other features.

As a result, people are used to ordering resources and services quickly, and they expect instant replies and customer service. It doesn’t matter if your business has closed for the day or if all your on-site staff is busy with other tasks: you need to ensure that someone is taking your phone calls quickly.

How to adapt to fast-paced customer service

Unfortunately, setting up a dedicated call center for your business can be financially impossible. Most small and medium businesses only have a handful of staff members, and it’s very likely that they already handle dozens of tasks everyday.

But that doesn’t mean that your customer service department needs to stay in the past. A virtual answering service provides an easy and affordable way to outsource your phone calls securely. A remote call center allows your business to provide high-quality customer service that will also be fast, efficient, and friendly. Remote customer service operators will ensure that all your phone calls are picked up by the third ring to make your response times faster and more efficient.