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Pricing for Call Center Services

Custom Solutions Available

The AnswerNow advantage uniquely provides organizations the capability to make a quality, friendly and results-driven first impression on every interaction. Our combination of real-time accessibility and quality trained team members distinctively advances initial contact for every size business, in every industry.

At AnswerNow, we are a trusted partner that is committed to growing with our clients and helping them solve problems faster, reducing costs, and innovating and strategizing for profitable growth.




Receive instant notification that a message was receivied  via text or email

Simple set-up

English and Spanish options available




Package includes standard message slip and dispatch

Live representatives available 24/7/365

Give callers a personal touch

* Pricing does not include ancillary fees.

Additional Custom Solutions

Optional Custom Add-on Services

Secure Messaging

Credit Card Processing

Custom Analytical Reporting

Custom Hold Messaging

Custom Hold Music

Appointment Reminders

Real-time Online Access to Messages

Bilingual Interpretation

Personal Automated Announcer (PAA)

What Should You Expect From an Answering Service

Frequently Asked Questions

How does live service work?

Any calls you are unable to answer will be routed to one of our experienced operators. Your callers are greeted with your script and the call is screened according to your defined protocol.

Based on the callers request, the operator will either assist them or document their information and needs in a message containing information requested by you. The message is then dispatched to the designated recipient according to their chosen contact method.

Do you bill per minute or per call?

Our service is a labor-based business and we pay our team members for their time rather than paying them for the number of calls they answer. We have a close-knit community, and many answering services share information and strategies with one-another.

Answering services that charge at a per call rate very often have a pretty loose definition of what a “call” actually is. A “call” can include anything from abandons being billed at the same rate as a call that was answered all the way to counting emails, faxes, text messages, and even callers being placed on hold each being counted as a separate “call”.

This type of calculation results in customers being billed for several “calls” even though the phone may have only rang once. It also means that customers who have 2-minute calls are paying the same rate as customers with 10-minute calls, which can actually result in inflated costs for customers whose calls are handled quickly.

In order to make our billing as transparent as possible we bill for the time that we spend providing service, which is similar to other labor-based businesses you may have dealt with such as attorneys, landscapers, or mechanics.

Are the calls recorded?

Yes. All calls are recorded and because we are fully HIPAA compliant, all messages and recordings are stored for up to 7 years. Recorded calls play a crucial part in our quality assurance regimen, including our call grading process.

How quickly can I start services?

There are a lot of moving pieces involved in getting services off the ground. We work closely with our leads to help them meet their desired start-dates. We average a 10-day turn around process if we stay in close communication.

Do you offer bilingual services?

Yes. In fact, 80% of our operators are Spanish-speakers. Our bilingual staffing is completed internally and our interpretation services are not sub-contracted like many other services in our industry.

Our interpreters come from varying cultural backgrounds ensuring understanding of a wide range of different dialects. Those chosen as interpreters must display a mastery of both the Spanish and English languages. Well-trained and well-spoken, our dedicated team’s commitment is to break the communication barrier between you and your Spanish-speaking clients.