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Event Registration Service

Streamline your registration process and give your clients a great experience.

Event Management and RSVP Services

An event is a great opportunity for you to personally interact with a customer or lead, which can help them establish a strong relationship with your business. You want to ensure that this is the best possible experience for eventgoers to give a positive impression of your company.

The registration phase is usually this person’s first interaction with you regarding an event, and it sets the tone for how they will feel about the entire process. However, you may not have the available staff resources to handle this process efficiently. The solution is event management and RSVP services from AnswerNow.

We gather all necessary information from those who plan to attend and can also answer event-related questions via live or automated answering services. We can handle information requests, send out email reminders, and even set up automated text messaging alerts regarding the event. Online services include live chat management and live online assistance with potential registrants.

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Staffing issues and surging call volume doesn’t have to affect your ability to answer calls. With LiveBackupNow, we handle your overflow calls during peak volume periods, holidays, when employees call out or during emergencies.

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Business is picking up and you have a full schedule; a little too full. Let AnswerNow manage your schedule and free up time for more appointments, all while providing your customers and clients with extraordinary customer service.

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Need more time? Let’s work together to free up your resources for other responsibilities. AnswerNow can answer your office line, make live or automated appointment reminders, or field product support and sales calls.

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