3 Industries You Wouldn’t Expect That Need Call Center Solutions

It’s expected that emergency services and medical service centers provide 24-hour telephone coverage. However, there are a few industries that aren’t fully utilizing their human capital.

Non-profits, financial services organizations and property management teams are just three examples of industries that can stand to improve client relationships and bolster consumer confidence through strategically designed call center solutions.


Inbound call centers expedite fund raising campaigns by leveraging capacity strengths and overcoming challenges. For example, many non-profits rely on temporary staffing. While a temporary workforce helps small organizations with limited budgets control costs, volunteers may not have the skill set and knowledge to give clients and donors the service and attention they need.

Engaging a professionally staffed inbound call center during peak fund raising activities saves money and enables efficient collections.

Non-profits can also reap these benefits from call centers:

  • Access to an on-demand workforce without the burden of payroll taxes, benefit packages or training expense.
  • Staff with resources and knowledge to answer questions and process donations in a technology-rich, data-protected environment.
  • Detailed call records that enable accurate donor registries for future fund raising campaigns.

Financial Sector

Independent financial services professionals experience similar challenges – limited budgets, a small workforce and seasonal volume. It’s critical for independents to streamline their operations in order to stay competitive. According to IRS records, approximately 40% of Americans used a professional tax preparation service in 2014. Independent tax preparers can’t shutter the business after April 15th rolls around. Clients may have post-filing questions or request follow-up services throughout the year. Engaging a call center gives financial service entities freedom to design solutions based on call traffic patterns and volume. They can have the ability to:

  • Provide prompt courteous service quickly and accurately.
  • Enable permanent or as-needed service teams.
  • Manage overflow call volume during peak service times (tax season, holidays, etc.)

Property Management

More than 22 million landlords serve 109 million plus tenants in the United States.  DMDatabases.com reports that fifty-three percent of those renters live in single family homes or properties with less than five units. Real estate investors and especially owners with only a few units, depend on property managers to provide exceptional tenant services that drive higher returns on investment. Streamlining operations is vital to managing overhead and consistently delivering customer-centric services.

An inbound call center can help property management teams:

  • Serve residents more efficiently.
  • Schedule tour appointments.
  • Manage maintenance services
  • Broadcast HOA meeting dates and times

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