9 Ways to Increase Employee Efficiency

The dictionary defines “efficiency” as: the state or quality of being efficient, or able to accomplish something with the least waste of time and effort; competency in performance; accomplishment of or ability to accomplish a job with a minimum expenditure of time and effort. All customer call centers can benefit from improvements in efficiency. This may include factors like reducing the time each agent stays on each call, decreasing overall errors or increasing customer satisfaction.

Reduced employee effort and increased engagement should improve efficiency; however, sometimes this is easier said than done, and once you start down a road of always trying to make fixes, it’s not all that difficult to start creating arbitrary metrics just because – “We want a 32 percent rise in happiness this week” or “Everyone should consider quality 20 percent more.”

Customer service center managers can sometimes straddle a fine line between empowering the team to dig deeper and pushing them too hard. Nevertheless, managers can continually work on correcting inefficiencies by modifying or eliminating small processes to maximize the time and efforts of team members.Plus, successfully meeting efficiency goals makes everyone look good.

Find the root cause of inefficiencies and improve them in nine ways:

1. Communication.

If you fail to be open and honest with your staff, the rumor mill will take over, accompanied by all sorts of anxieties. Communication isn’t just a matter of you telling the staff to do things – you’ll need to hear from them as well.

2. Eliminate uncertainty.

Good workforces can stay on task with well-established general expectations for everyone, rather than managers regularly creating new standards.

3. Teamwork.

Everyone can learn from and help each other. Perhaps veteran call center agents can mentor newer team members. This internal focus can boost everyone’s performance and benefit the culture.

4. Ongoing feedback and coaching.

If done constructively and regularly, managers and peers can help each other. , However, if help is rarely offered or if feedback is too negative/critical, then it might be hard to find specific areas of improvement for anyone.

5. Culture.

When describing a workplace’s mood, it’s always preferable to create and maintain something pleasant. Doing this well requires buy-in from staff, management, clients and customers. Once everyone is on the same page you can work on creating a positive environment that focuses on performing well.

6. Support.

Rather than saying “you’re trained, you’re on your own now, good luck,” managers can continue to offer assistance even after training.

7. Education/training.

Ongoing professional development can help, whether someone is new or has been at this a while. Otherwise, people will always stay at the same skill level or continue to make the same mistakes and errors.

8. Tools/resources.

You can’t do your job well if your phone always shorts out, your computer breaks down often or your work area is way too cold. Make these fixes and great things can happen.

9. Automation/third party services.

Though live customer service is always preferred, perhaps some aspects can be automated or maybe your company needs additional help with call volume throughout the day.

These are just a few ways you can increase employee efficiency within your call center. Visit AnswerNow to find out how our services can help you create even more efficiencies within your workplace.