5 Tips to Better Customer Service

5 Tips to Better Customer Service

How does your business handle customer service? Do you have a set procedure for dealing with incoming calls, or do you operate on the fly? If 5 tips to better customer serviceyou have a system for directing calls, chances are you haven’t updated the process as your business has grown. The service that connects you with your customers is your business’s lifeline. This is one area where you need to continually update your approach, and here are five things you can do today that will lead to a better customer service experience for your customers.

Tip 1: Multiple Channels of Communication

If your business only offers a single approach to customer communication, i.e. via telephone, then you are missing out. Here are the stats, according to American Express:

  • 46 percent of customers have a preference of calling by phone when concerned with complicated problems.
  • 38 percent prefer to communicate by email or over the web when dealing with simple issues.

The best remedy is to offer both options. Provide a call center agent for incoming callers, along with a website and social media profile that allows customers to contact your business online.

Tip 2: Listen to Customer Feedback

Your customers want to know that they are being heard when they voice complaints:

  • 53 percent of customers say they will actually switch to a different business if they feel unappreciated by an existing business, according to NewVoice

Your customers have taken time to provide you with their feedback so you should spend even more time trying to surpass their expectations.

Tip 3: Don’t Have a Long Hold Time

If your customers feel they have been poorly treated, they are more likely to leave your business for a competitor offering the same or similar products. The main problem? Customers are calling into a customer service agent and getting put on hold for too long. This is a major no-no. You want to be prompt, as well as thorough, when resolving an issue so you don’t lose the interest of the customer.

Tip 4: Make Information Easily Accessible

When customers can’t find information easily they are less likely to keep searching for what they need. Instead they will move on to another business with better communication skills. According to NewVoice 29 percent of customers get annoyed because staff knowledge is lacking, and they switch their business on account of this issue. You want your call center agents to have updated information on your company’s policies, sales, and product line. The customer service representatives must also have access to a deep knowledge database for important information.

Tip 5: Make Customers Feel Important

Your customers’ time is as important as your own:

  • 71 percent of customers say companies must value their time above all else when offering good customer service, as noted by Forrester.

The old standby of “Your call is important to us” followed by a message isn’t enough. Your agents have to return phone calls and answer customers’ questions in order to show your business truly cares about the customers.

Moving forward make sure your business offers the best customer service through the use of a professional answering service.