We’ll cover 8 customer service tips and quotes from industry leaders that will hopefully inspire you to improve your customer service this year.

Many businesses don’t realize the important role that great customer service plays in their success or failure. Customers are a valuable resource and are the reason your business exists. Serving and retaining them is essential in the overall health of your business. If you fail to realize their value, they will leave.  

  1. “Treat employees the way you want your customers treated, if not even better. What’s happening inside an organization is felt on the outside by the customer.”  – Shep Hyken
  2. To connect with new customers don’t try to get inside their heads. Get inside their hearts. Create an emotional connection” –Bill Quiseng
  3. “Statistics suggest that when customers complain, business owners and managers ought to get excited about it. The complaining customer represents a huge opportunity for more business.” –Zig Ziglar
  4. “When you spot a service breakdown, own it. No matter what your position is within your company, consider ‘customer service’ part of your job description. When that small voice says, ‘I’m too busy,’ or ‘It’s not my problem,’ or ‘I don’t care,’ don’t listen. Instead, the moment you spot a customer in need, take the initiative to get things back on track.” – Marilyn Suttle
  5. “Learn to apologize.  Things will go wrong. (Things will go right and yet customers will perceive them to be wrong–it’s the same thing.) Prepare for this, emotionally as well as operationally.”  –Micah Solomon
  6.  “Win the customer with simple customer service. Finding the right answer shouldn’t send your customers on a scavenger hunt across your entire customer service department. Making your service easily navigable will save your customers a lot of pain and your customer service department a lot of queries.” –Flavio Martins
  7.  “Any organization can improve the Customer Service by improving their customer centricity. To be customer centric is to place the customer at the center of everything that we do. It isn’t just about the call center or customer service department, but every department in the organization.” Colin Taylor
  8. “If you don’t love your customers enough to try and keep them, a competitor will be more than happy to do that for you.” –Seth Godin

These are just a few customer service tips we collected. Do you have any to add? Please feel free to share in the comments below. Also, if your business is struggling to provide superior customer service, contact us today to find out how our call center solutions can help your business!