4 ways a virtual receptionist can benefit your business during the holidays

For some businesses, the holidays can be the busiest time of the year. Many people purchase gifts, make home repairs, book travel accommodations, and take advantage of sales during the holiday season.

Many different types of businesses can experience increased profits during the holiday season. But in order to do so, you must be prepared to work through the holidays and provide great customer service while others are taking a break. 

Creating good experiences for your clients during the holidays can give your business a year-round boost. Customer satisfaction and loyalty will increase; even after the holidays, clients will remember that your business provided good service and was available when others weren’t.

Here are some of the ways in which a virtual receptionist can benefit your business during the holidays.

#1. A virtual call center will give your staff more flexibility

It’s normal for some members of your staff to take their break during the holidays. But how is your business going to be able to handle more business with fewer staff? If you’re expecting customers during the holidays, being short on staff could make it much more difficult to provide good service. But your employees have probably worked hard all year, and they may  be unhappy if they can’t take a well-deserved break during the holidays.

But a virtual answering service could relieve your employees of some of their responsibilities to allow them to take some time to rest. From taking phone calls to scheduling appointments and even keeping up with providers, remote call center operators can help you handle many aspects of your business. A lighter workload could allow some members of your staff to take a break for a few days without affecting your business’ operations.

#2. Customers will still be able to get in touch with your business during the holidays

Maybe the holidays aren’t the busiest time of the year for your business, and you simply want to be able to close early and spend some time with your loved ones. But if a potential customer tries calling your business during the holidays, they may feel frustrated if no one is there to pick up the phone. This can result in lost profits and a missed opportunity to convert leads into regular customers.

But with a virtual answering service, each caller will be greeted by a warm, knowledgeable, and friendly operator, even during the holiday break. Your business may be closed, but your customers won’t have to wait until you return to work to have their questions answered. 

Keeping your business available to your clients, even during the holidays, can help improve your word-of-mouth reputation and customer loyalty. Knowing that they can still reach someone who will be able to help them and provide continued service will make clients feel appreciated and taken into account.

#3. Virtual answering services will allow you to improve your customer service during busy days

If you expect busy days during the holidays, a virtual call center could help you provide better customer service. If your business is going to remain open during the holidays, you may experience a heavy influx of customers looking to acquire your products or services. It’s easy for you and your staff to be overwhelmed during this busy time. If this happens, phone calls may not be answered on time, your staff could be overworked and moody, and your customer service will be lacking.

By hiring remote call center operators, phone calls will still be answered by well-trained professionals, and your on-site staff will be able to handle their tasks more efficiently and without stress. 

A virtual call center can help create a more satisfying, straightforward experience for your clients, increasing their satisfaction and making it more likely that they will return to your business when they need anything else. 

#4. A virtual receptionist is more affordable than hiring seasonal employees.

Some companies or stores hire seasonal employees to help them handle busy holidays, but this isn’t a feasible option for many small and medium businesses. Hiring any new employee, even if they’re not full-time, requires you to advertise for the position, hold interviews, and train new members of staff so that they can effectively handle their responsibilities.

But virtual call center operators are already trained to provide great quality service, and they only need you to provide clear directions and information about your business in order to start working. By customizing the service to fit your needs, you will only need to pay for the work that your operators do. Nothing more, nothing less!