7 Tasks to outsource to an answering service

7 Tasks to outsource to an answering service

It can be easy to think that virtual answering services and call centers will simply answer your calls. After all, it’s in the name, right?

A virtual answering service can actually do much more than simply answer phone calls. Taking calls is, of course, part of their duties. But you can customize your virtual call center so that they take on different tasks to maximize their efficacy. Each business has different needs and can benefit from having help in different areas, but at the end of the day, call centers help improve a department that every business needs in order to thrive: customer service.

Discover 7 tasks that you can outsource to a virtual answering service:

Task  #1. Making sure that no phone call goes unanswered

Answering phone calls might not seem like a vital task, but creating a virtual call center can take a huge responsibility off your staff’s shoulders.

You can tailor this service to your needs. Perhaps you only need virtual call center operators to pick up phone calls during busy hours or when the office is closed. Virtual call centers work 24/7, 365 days a year so that no phone call ever goes unanswered.

Task  #2. Keeping your telephone lines open during emergencies

A virtual call center can help you maintain a steady presence that will make it easier to bounce after a natural disaster or emergency. It’s also a simple way for customers to call in and cancel appointments if needed.

By ensuring that your call center stays up during a disaster, you can strengthen your customer loyalty and expand your customer base. Since virtual call centers usually operate from different locations, they’ll be able to continue working despite the emergency.

Task  #3. Helping schedule appointments to maximize your profits

Making sure that your schedule runs smoothly can be complicated. It’s not unusual for overworked staff to leave gaps in your business’ schedule, or for them to double-book a certain time slot. These mistakes can easily result in lost time, angry customers, and lower profits.

But a virtual call center will schedule appointments, cancellations, and bookings without a problem. No more double-booked hours, wasted time, or disappointed customers. Your workflow will be smoother and more efficient.

Task  #4. Providing bilingual support to your customers

Being able to communicate with your customers in multiple languages is becoming more important each day. Approximately 20 percent of the US population speaks at least two languages, and there is also a percentage of people who don’t speak English at all.

A virtual answering service can provide easy access to bilingual customer service, ensuring that no client will feel like they can’t reach out to your business. The ability to provide customer service in the language that your callers will understand can make you stand out amongst the competition and increase customer loyalty and retention. It can also help create a positive word-of-mouth reputation for your business!

Task  #5. Sending out automated reminders when necessary

It’s not uncommon for clients to forget about an appointment or event. After all, most of us lead increasingly busy lives. But missed appointments can result in lost profits. Rather than making the most of your work hours, you may find yourself sitting idly with nothing to do.

But your new answering service operators can send out automated reminders to reduce no-shows and last minute cancellations. This simple task can increase your profits, reduce your customers’ waiting times, and make your office run smoothly.

Task  #6. Centralizing your business’ operations to make sure everything runs smoothly

Dividing tasks between too many different employees can lead to confusion, inefficiency, and poor communication. When different members of staff are in charge of scheduling, calling customers, taking calls and messages, and sending out reminders, it can be easy for information to get lost and forgotten.

These situations can lead to a tense work environment, poor relationships, wasted time, and decreased customer satisfaction. Eventually, your business would lose profits and customers. 

But a virtual answering service can ensure that all messages and information run through the same line of communication. Your operators will receive all the information and then distribute it the pertinent member of staff. Then, your staff will be able to handle their tasks in a more fluid and efficient manner.

Task  #7. Improving your business’ image and perception among customers

When a customer calls your business, they expect to receive a warm and professional treatment. Customer service is one of the most important aspects of your business, and it allows you to keep your clients satisfied with the services you offer. 

A customer’s experience begins from the moment they pick up the phone to contact you. By ensuring that each caller is greeted by a friendly, warm, and knowledgeable voice, you’ll increase customer satisfaction. Clients will see that your business goes the extra mile to offer a great experience for them, and your image and reputation will improve in no time.