Investing in an answering service: Smart Move!


In the past, businesses weren’t expected to be on the line 24/7 to help customers with queries. In today’s world, however, constant connection via email, web chat, and answering services isn’t just expected: It’s required. Life doesn’t follow the mandates and structures of regular business hours, so why should your customers expect anything less than up-to-the-minute service when they call in with a question, a change of schedule, or an emergency situation? If you run a business, health clinic, or firm that deals in time-sensitive matters, you don’t want to leave your customers out in the cold. That’s why investing in an answering service isn’t just the smart move: It’s the only move. Here are just a few reasons why you should set up an answering service for your business today.

Don’t Waste Money on New Hires

Even though every business should have someone answering phones 24/7, it’s not exactly a shrewd business move to have to hire 24-hour staffers. The time spent interviewing, hiring, and creating a schedule for new hires alone can dip into your bottom line before you even start thinking about paying workers a salary or hourly rate. Rather than hiring workers to take late-night shifts and get overtime pay, outsourcing your customer service line to an answering service could solve your problem easily without costing a fortune.

Keep Customers Happy

Workers are only human. They get tired and frustrated during long hours, especially if they have to stay up late to take calls. Answering service employees, however, are trained in phone etiquette and are able to field calls even into the late hours of the night. Rather than having to train workers to stay at the office for an overnight shift, why not trust a team of professionals who are used to taking calls and providing top-notch customer service over the phone no matter what time it is? You won’t have to deal with exhausted staffers or unsatisfied clients complaining about poor service.

Get Rid of Lag Time

If you run a high-traffic business, you simply can’t afford to waste time. During office hours, phones are already ringing off the hook, and even if your company’s website is being updated consistently with FAQ information, it doesn’t guarantee that your customers won’t have after-hours questions or complaints that they’ll want to voice to someone who’s actually listening. While email forms are fine for less urgent issues, they’re far from personal, and no one likes being asked to wait on the line for more than a few minutes. By keeping your lines totally free and clear for inquiries, complaints, and requests, you’ll be allowing your customer base to express themselves and be heard no matter how busy you are.

Serve Your Client Base More Effectively

When you trust your in-house staff to do more than one full-time job, your clients aren’t going to be taken care of, and they aren’t going to be impressed. Answering office calls is a full-time job, and it shouldn’t be treated as an afterthought. If you want to serve your customers better and keep them coming back for repeat service, hiring an answering service is the only way to do it.