Live answering services for your 24/7 business

Trying to offer around-the-clock customer service can be a big challenge when you are running a small or medium sized business. Thinking about setting up an on-site call center that can operate 24/7 is out of most businesses’ budgets, but that doesn’t mean that you can overlook your customers’ requirements.

Now more than ever, 24/7 customer service is an absolute necessity, regardless of the type of services that you offer. It’s also far better if you can offer live customer service, since automated messages can be frustrating for cutomers who want to address specific concerns. Live customer service also makes it easier for customers to connect with your business, since it creates a warmer, friendlier experience for your clients.

Customers want instant gratification

In today’s fast-paced world, customers don’t want to wait until tomorrow’s office hours to get the answers that they need. We all know how great it feels to complete an order, even if we then have to wait a few days before we receive a delivery.

If your business is unable to keep up with 24/7 demands, customers probably won’t have to work too hard to find an alternative. A simple Google search can provide thousands of results, leading potential customers to many different business that offer similar services to yours.

Unless a customer is extremely loyal to your brand, it’s highly likely that they won’t wait for your business to be available during business hours before looking for an alternative solution.

Offering the possibility to connect with instant, live customer service, on the other hand, can turn into happier customers that will become loyal clients over time.

24/7 live answering services increases profits

As a result of offering live answering services, your business will have a much smaller risk of losing out on potential sales just because your business has closed for the day. If a customers has any doubts before completing a purchase, operators will be available to solve the issue without making the customer wait.

Live 24/7 answering services also make it possible for your business to interact with customers from many different geographic locations, even long after you and your staff have gone to bed. This way, you could widen your reach and end up working with customers who would otherwise be unable to communicate with you due to different time zones.

Human interaction is always best

Theoretically, you could solve the 24/7 customer service question with a simple, automated chat bot. And while this strategy could help solve some clients’ inquriies, it won’t always work efficiently.

Many customers have questions that fall outside of the range of topics that an automated bot can answer, or that aren’t included in your FAQ page.

Additionally, interacting with an automated bot can be very frustrating for customers who simply want answers. The bot’s answers can become repetitive, ulhelpful, and make potential clients give up on trying to work with your business.

A virtual answering service, on the other hand, will always provide human interaction from operators who have received training prior to working with your business. They will always know how to handle clients’ questions and assauge their concerns so that they feel confident in moving forward with their purchase.

And at the end of the day, we all know that interacting with another human being is far more rewarding than chatting with a robot!

Happy customers will improve your reputation

When customers realize that your business is able to offer 24/7 customer service, they will be more likely to go through with their purchase, since they will know that if they have any doubts or need further help, someone will be available to answer the phone at all times.

Over time, happy customers will increase your conversion rate and your reputation. Happy customers who receive great customer service are far more likely to remember to leave a glowing review on your online platforms, which is usually the first thing that potential clients will see when searching for your business.

Satisfied buyers can also recommend you to their acquaintances and loved ones, increasing your reputation and driving more traffic to your business. This strategy can help your business grow beyond what you thought was possible, even without breaking the bank.