Live receptionist services – Can this really save your business, money?

Live receptionist services - Can this really save your business, money

Every organization is only as strong as its communication skills. If you can’t effectively communicate with your customer base they are going to go down the street and work with your competition instead. When clients are unable to contact you or your business, they can get frustrated and seek out better customer assistance elsewhere. It doesn’t matter if your product or service is the best one on the market, if the client can’t get satisfaction trying to communicate with your business, you’re less likely to keep that client.

Many businesses turn to live receptionist services to improve their business practices and increase revenue. They offer high-quality communication with the customer 24 hours a day, while keeping costs lower than hiring on a full-time reception staff. When you hire a live receptionist service to handle your volume of calls, your customers are treated to a professional and thorough experience that will keep them coming back time and again.

To decide if this service is right for your business, big or small, consider all of the benefits that you can enjoy instantly.

What is a Live Receptionist Service?

You’re hiring a real live person who is performing all of the typical tasks of a receptionist from a remote location. This is a fully trained, highly qualified professional, not an automated system, prepared to handle all of your customer service needs, from answering calls to setting appointments to transferring calls anywhere you wish.

Making a First Impression

Hiring a live receptionist service gives customers the impression they are dealing with a professional organization, even if it’s just an up and coming small business that you are currently operating out of your garage or home office. When clients have their calls answered promptly and professionally you’re setting their minds at ease that they are working with someone they can trust. It can also alleviate the pressures that come with high- volume organizations that may not have the manpower to take phone calls in a timely fashion. With a live receptionist service, you never need to worry about missing a phone call and a potential new client, ever again.

24-Hour Access

Depending on the type of business you operate, you may need to have someone on-call at all hours. But instead of interrupting you while you’re asleep, a live receptionist service can handle customer service and support anytime. If your company keeps regular business hours, then not only can you rest assured that every call will be answered quickly and courteously, there is also no need to hire on anyone else in the office to cover your calls. Your customers can reach you anytime during normal business hours.

Professionally Trained

You can ensure the highest-quality standards for customer support are met by a live receptionist service. Each one is fully trained on how to handle customers with courtesy and you can train your receptionist on the specifics of your company’s particular, unique requirements. This is not a one-size-fits-all service, your receptionist will take the time to become educated in the nuances of your business and how to work with customers when they contact your organization. This level of customer support will not go unnoticed by your clientele and that can result in higher revenue for your business.

Higher Productivity

Small business owners who seem to be doing everything themselves can find their productivity stymied because they are spreading themselves too thin. But with a live receptionist service you can take handling phone calls off your list of tasks. Having someone else handle your incoming call volume frees you up to focus your efforts on growing your business in other areas. You can instruct your receptionist to hold all your calls, take messages, or put certain callers through to you anywhere you happen to be at the time.

Hiring Less Staff

Having a receptionist in your office can be less cost-effective than hiring a live receptionist service. The time and money consumed by finding the right person, training them, paying them a weekly salary, having to find someone else to cover for that individual (should he or she fall ill or go on vacation) can be too much to deal with, and why should you, when you can avoid all of these trappings by hiring a remote live receptionist who is always on call. Best of all, you only pay for the calls that are serviced. When call volume becomes greatly increased, you can switch over to a different payment plan.