3 Benefits To Take Advantage of With AnswerNow!

3 Benefits To Take Advantage of With AnswerNow

Are you looking for the right call center to handle to your customer service needs? You might be feeling a little overwhelmed with the number of services and options available. At AnswerNow, we do not only customize a solution to fit your business needs, we also offer several other benefits that you may not have even thought about.

Here are three additional benefits you can receive when you partner with AnswerNow:

1. Bilingual Staff 24/7

With Spanish being such a predominant second language here in the U.S., now more than ever before, our clients are in need of bilingual coverage. This is why at AnswerNow more than 60% of our staff speaks both fluent English and Spanish and are tested on their proficiency before they are able to take Spanish calls. We also have bilingual Team Members staffed 24 hours/day to ensure that our clients get served no matter what time they call in.

2. A Designated Account Manager

Have you ever attempted to call in to have someone update your account information or help you with an issue and received the runaround? This can be a very frustrating situation and can leave you feeling unsatisfied with your customer service experience. At AnswerNow, when you sign-up, you are designated an account manager who will be there to assist with all of your billing, technical, and operational needs. It ensures that you will always speak with someone who truly understands your account and is familiar with you and your staff.

3. No Remote Agents or Outsourced Calls

At AnswerNow, we understand the importance of protecting all of our clients’ data and information. One of the ways we ensure this is by taking our calls in house. Since we often handle sensitive and personal information, we want to be able to guarantee HIPAA compliance and client information privacy, but with remote agents there is no way to confirm that information is contained within the employees’ homes. This is why all of our team members work out of our facility in Arizona, and we do not offer work from home positions or outsource any of our calls.

These are just a few additional benefits you can receive when you partner with AnswerNow. To find out about all of our benefits and receive a custom solution, contact us today!