Why Your Business Needs a Disaster Response Plan

Why Your Business Needs a Disaster Response Plan

Regardless of where you live, there is a good chance your geographical region has its own brand of natural disasters. Although you may think the storm, fire or tornado will never affect your life, you might want to think twice. In September, Utah encountered their deadliest flood ultimately taking the life of 20 people.

Not to mention, in April of 2014 there was a tornado outbreak that hit the central and southern United States. It ended up producing several long tracked tornados that resulted in the deaths of 35 people. These are just a couple instances of natural disasters that have happened within the last few years, and although your disaster may not be as destructive as these examples, are you prepared for even a smaller mishap?

Big or small, your business could be critically impacted. For instance, your communication with your customers could be disrupted or even become nonexistent. Eliminate the risk; have a plan in place before an emergency strikes. If you’re in need of a plan, a contact center may be the answer.

A contact center can help you create a strategy that works for your business. Disasters can leave you without service for weeks on end costing your business a lot in lost revenue, and although some of your customers may be aware of the situation, with no communication, they could still end up frustrated. A call center can help by allowing you to maintain a presence at all times. As soon as disaster strikes, you can redirect your calls to a contact center.

Agents are available 24 hours a day and can act as your communication liaison. They will follow your business protocols and can provide updates to your callers, transfer calls to any number provided, or send messages to you via email or SMS text, whichever you prefer. A call center can also call phone trees with notification messages, provide an 800 check in number, or set-up an emergency hotline. No matter what you require, a customized solution can be created to fit your particular needs.

Unfortunately, you just never know when a disaster will strike, but without a disaster response plan in place, you will have no way to effectively serve your customers if one does.  Consider outsourcing your communication needs to a contact center like AnswerNow!

Not only do we have a battery backup system in place as well as an onsite generator to guarantee we are able to sustain our service 24/7, but we are also able to provide short notice coverage around the clock. Let us handle your calls so you can take care of the people and things that are important to you during those trying times.  Contact us today, to find out more about our services.