How Your Company Can Benefit from Call Volume Management

Turning leads into revenue is on the mind of every business leader. Whether your business is serving legal clients or delivering high-quality continuity of care through a walk-in health clinic, strengthening customer service should be a priority.

Capture Every Engagement

When consumers call your business, they are not likely calling just to chat. Before they even make contact with your company, savvy consumers know enough about you and your competition to be interested in forming a relationship with your brand. When you experience high call volume and do not have enough agents to properly handle the amount of incoming calls, it is likely that some calls will slip through the cracks. Failing to properly manage your call volume leads to missed opportunities.

A recent survey of almost 6000 online shoppers revealed consumers expect exemplary service. If they don’t get it, they’ll go elsewhere.

  • Eighty-three percent of consumers require some type of support to complete their shopping journey.
  • Thirty-one percent expect immediate service.
  • Forty-one percent will tolerate a five minute wait, but almost half (48%) will abandon a website if they don’t receive service within that five minute window.

These survey findings demonstrate a clear goal for decision-makers: manage call volume to reduce wait times and the amount of missed calls, thereby increasing the number of customers your team can efficiently serve.

Reduced wait times improve customer experience and satisfaction levels, and increased satisfaction leads to increased engagement which means more revenue potential.

Solve Problems Faster

Research shows that 56% of online consumers expect you to solve their issues with only one call. Not only can you solve problems faster by having the most knowledgeable agents manning your inbound call center, you can also meet customer expectations immediately.

More than a third of consumers appreciate being able to request a call back when they need customer support rather than wait on hold. AnswerNow can give your customers access to automated services or live agents—it’s your choice.

Reduce Costs, Increase Revenue

It’s a simple formula: high wait times mean higher costs. Managing high call volume efficiently lowers cost per sale and increases revenue.

How much could your company save if every call was answered before the third ring and routed to the most knowledgeable agent on your call center service team? Also, fewer misrouted calls allow your on-site team to focus on essential priorities. Less stress and fewer wasted minutes — minutes which could add up to hundreds, maybe thousands, of dollars over the course of the year. Money spent needlessly reduces revenue, increasing your cost per sale ratios.

AnswerNow’s inbound call center services and technology resources help you make the most of every engagement. Is your in-house customer service team struggling to meet the high demands of today’s savvy consumer? We’ve got solutions that balance customer expectations with your business goals. Request a free quote today to see how we can help you improve your customer service.