Call Center Services of the Future Offer Much Promise

Call center services are now a vital part of nearly every kind of business in the world and are receiving far more attention as savvy business owners realize they are the nerve center of their business.

Business owners, medical practices and others are investing in the future of their call center services with new technologies, new strategies and new money.  No longer considered a “cost center,” innovative organizations are treating call centers as a value added service that can attract and retain customers.

Here are a few of the ways these organizations are ramping up to create the “call center services of the future.”

Speech Analytics

CallMiner, one of many vendors of speech analytics technology, says speech analytics brings structure to the call process analyzing agent to customer conversations for automated quality assurance monitoring and performance management.

Analyzing recorded calls to gather information allows managers to improve the customer/client experience, provide better agent training, reduce expenses, identify up sell and cross sell opportunities and retain clients. says speech analytics is one of the fastest growing segments of the call center services market.

Universal Queuing

Multiple communication channels are integrated into a single universal “queue”. Whether a customer enters the system via phone, email, social media or some other means, all interaction feeds into a centralized or universal queuing process. Customer service improves and callers are much more efficient.

Calls are intelligently routed to the most qualified agent, data collection is centralized and the customer experience is dramatically enhanced.

Sentiment Analysis

Also known as “opinion mining,” sentiment analysis uses natural language processing, text analysis and computational linguistics to identify subjective information.

One of the early entries in this technology is Google Prediction API which allows call center services management to intelligently route messages, document and classify calls, analyze client churn, develop recommended answers to common queries, identify suspicious activities, develop intelligent sentiment based scenarios, detect spam, identify upsell opportunities, diagnose and suggests remedies for common issues and more. Employees using sentiment analysis tools can handle more calls more efficiently and provide much better service to their callers.

Emerging technologies in the call center services will allow managers to provide higher levels of service, diagnose and remedy customer issues, collect and disseminate valuable information and dramatically improve the overall customer experience.

Innovative companies that recognize that call center services are an opportunity to differentiate themselves in the competitive world of the twenty first century are embracing these new technologies. They understand the value of well implemented systems and recognize a well-designed call center service of the future will allow them attract and retain both customers and employees. Contact AnswerNow today for a free quote!