3 Key Personality Traits for Call Center Agents

As hard as it is to admit, not everyone is cut out to be a call center employee.

Though most new call center agents can pick up the basics like how to read the correct script, answer simple questions and follow client’s instructions, there are definitely some who never have – or want to learn — the right attitude.

Just like in any profession, senior staffers will have cautionary anecdotes about former employees who chose to go out badly, everything from being rude to callers to deliberately providing wrong information. We might laugh in disbelief and say “I can’t believe they actually did that!” but these tales usually come with messages of “don’t do this if you want to keep working here.”

A solid customer service center employee is one that is able to help, not hinder, and someone who is able to politely and personably offer professional assistance – that’s why people are calling you in the first place!

Your supervisor can tell you some of the behaviors that won’t work in this world – being argumentative, unpleasant and bored being three biggies, but it’s preferable to focus on the positives especially if you want to do well in the customer service world. Here are three abilities you should have or figure out how to develop to be a successful call center agent.


Many callers likely have already lost their own patience before deciding to call you for help. That means you must have plenty of your own to go around. You can’t let the little things get to you; don’t let it bother you if it takes someone awhile to get to the point or if they want to share other frustrations, even if you personally had nothing to do with them. The interest you show in helping resolve their concern can ultimately make your call successful.


Possessing nothing but patience can result in extended call times, hearing grievances going back decades, and taking time away from other customers. That is why it is important for you to be assertive too. You must find ways to politely and efficiently assist callers while helping them focus on the issue at hand. Let them know what you can do to help them and keep them from going off on other tangents.

Self-improving nature

Call center agents should always be willing to learn new ways to interact, solve problems and learn about the companies they’re representing. Whether that means taking the time to improve your basic conversational skills, or spending additional time reviewing the accounts you are struggling with. Hopefully, your particular center has ongoing training programs available, and good supervisors that are willing to provide specific suggestions for improvement if mistakes happen to help enhance their employees’ performance..

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