4 Strategies to Keep Your Call Center Agents Happy

A theater background isn’t required for a call center job, but sometimes a bit of acting may be required.

For instance, even if someone is having a bad day, they should still practice their best customer service skills and keep happiness in their voice. This is especially crucial since customers on the other end of the phone may be having a bad day as well, so dealing with a cheerful agent that is able to resolve their concerns can create positive feelings about future interactions with the company.

Cultivating a cheery attitude doesn’t always come easy, so customer service center managers must always work to create a positive environment where employees feel welcome and valued – if you get it right, your whole contact center and the companies it works with will benefit.

Try instilling these strategies into your contact center to make the place interesting, fun and worth coming to.

Great benefits

Average call center wage range widely, depending on where you live, the employer structure, and your length of service. You may not be able to pay everyone a wage you think they deserve, but you can find other benefits, especially things that go beyond the federal minimum requirements, like offering a 401 K plan or monthly bonus incentives. If you don’t offer extra perks, the competition might.

A positive culture

“Culture” is one of those tricky terms that changes almost daily. Essentially, it describes the atmosphere in which a person works and not so much the actual work that’s performed at the customer service center. Do people at work enjoy spending time with each other? Are there employees who make conditions unpleasant? Though managers are legally responsible for preventing hostile environments, they also can take extra steps to make sure it’s enjoyable. That means taking care of problems before things fester and listening to your team members’ feedback. You can also create a “fun” committee that creates activities for co-workers – maybe monthly activities or sporadic barbeques.

Value Employees

It’s easy to focus on the bottom line and total performance of the entire group. But too much “go team” talk can sometimes backfire and individuals can start to feel less valued or even interchangeable. Managers must find ways to recognize efforts, whether individually or within the whole group. It will improve the feeling of belonging – if they are shown respect for their contributions, they are likely to return it by performing well.


Managers straddle a fine line between praising accomplishments and constructively improving weak performances. It’s not always easy, but it can pay off for your organization. You must find ways to keep it positive and encouraging, and focus on correcting what they may be doing incorrectly, rather than personalities.

None of these suggestions are easy or can be fixed instantly, but by thinking long-term you can constantly be creating a positive place where everyone feels welcome and performs well. To see how AnswerNow can help you utilize these strategies for your business, request a free quote today!