3 Myths About Outbound Call Centers

Working with call centers opens your eyes and ears to a lot of mistruths spread around about the necessity of contact center services. When provided by professional outsourcing services, call centers offer a wealth of capabilities to businesses. In order to start benefiting from these services, you may need to justify the use of call center services to your board or managers. Here are three of the most common myths passed around regarding call centers.

Myth #1: Call Centers Don’t Really Care About Your Customers

The main purpose of a business is to connect with customers so you can provide them with your service or product. If you can’t connect with your customer through a call center, then the call center is as good as dead. The myth is that an outsourced answering service does not truly care for a separate business’s customers. This is simply not true as the main customers of call centers are business owners like you. If a call center service is unable to provide its customers including the customers of businesses with good customer service, then the call center is not doing its job and will likely lose many customers.

Myth #2: Call Centers are Too Expensive

Every business needs a way to speak to customers, making calling systems a vital part of any company. In order to set up a call center in-house, expect to spend a fortune on call center installation, maintenance, training and hiring of operators. If you have unexpected surges of calls or experience failure of equipment, you can expect to have to spend even more to update your system. By outsourcing your call center needs, you can reduce the overhead investment associated with calling platforms. You will be pleasantly shocked by how much money and time you will save in the long run by using an outsourced call center service.

Myth #3: No One is Using the Phone These Days

Thanks to the popularity of the Internet, the general consensus is that people aren’t calling businesses anymore. However, smartphones continue to exist with calling plans for a reason. People desire that human connection with a business, which can be achieved through telephone conversations. Additionally, the more detailed the inquiry of a customer, the greater the demand to have an actual person on the other end of the line. Automation has yet to reach the abilities of mind reader.

Finding ways to get your team on board with outsourced call center solutions can be a struggle. However, if you have the right information and resources you can help to identify strengths within the call center model that will match the weaknesses of your current calling system. Take control over your operational success with an understanding of the truths behind call center services.