What Will Contact Center Companies Be Like in 10 Years?

Predicting the future of call centers brings to light all sorts of sci-fi ideas. Will we have holographic callers? Are call centers going to be able to predict the names of callers? What will reception desks look like, or will they be manned by robots? The tech possibilities are endless. However, the one thing you can expect is that the human element will remain in place for call center solutions.

Smarter Virtual Reception

As technology advances look for contact center services to advance as well. You can already utilize a virtual assistant (also known as a virtual secretary) for your call center needs. Furthermore, automation has been around for a few years, and recordings can be digitally transcribed with ease. What will the next 10 years hold? Call centers will continue to get smarter, so to speak, with technology allowing for expert agents, speech analytics and sentiment analysis. Digitalization and the mobile Internet will continue to expand the abilities of contact services, as business managers and employees move from standard office spaces to more user-centric work environments, i.e. their home or location-based offices.

Automated Software

Automation with the use of software and mechanics is changing the way that call centers are managed. This type of system is working proficiently, and you can expect the use of automated services to only expand in the next decade. Why go with automation? First and foremost, a business requires speed and efficiency in order to improve ROI. Having an automated system for incoming and outgoing calls provides a streamlined process that meets these needs. Additionally, through automation there is a lack of human error, which saves companies money, face and image. The days when one or two people were physically handling switchboard operations are already obsolete thanks to automated services.

But Still Human-Focused

While automation and technology are terrific, at the core of any business is the human factor. Without humans to play the role of customers, businesses are useless. Therefore, it is essential to keep human interaction as a major component of call centers. Even as calls are directed and managed by an automated system, having a human voice that makes each call personalized is the future goal. People like to know they are talking to entities that understand them, which will be the goal for future contact centers.

Finding ways to keep up with the ever-evolving tech world is a major process for businesses. Furthermore, call centers are the connecting links between businesses and their clients and customers. In order to make the most of the leads and prospects, while maintaining a professional and forward thinking quality, businesses must stay ahead of the curb in terms of call center applications. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business moving forward.