5 Customer Service Tips For Call Center Agents

5 Customer Service Tips For Call Center Agents

When operating a business, one of the most important aspects of your business model relies on how well your customer service is delivered. Your agents will deal with a variety of different customers, all with different problems and needs. Knowing how to maximize your agents and train them correctly on adequate customer service skills is key. Here are five key customer service tips for call center agents on how to operate efficiently and effectively improve their skill set:

1.     Make sure your communication is efficient

Customers are not always clear when communicating a problem, so having the right call center agents in place who can decipher what your customers are saying and alleviate their frustration is crucial to keeping their business. Your call center agents should ask open-ended questions to control the conversation, such as, “Can you give me specifics on your problem?”

2.     Think positively

The way your customer service agents feel about the call they are on can be felt through the phone. Every facial expression, voice inflection and body language gesture is conveyed in what they say. They must utilize customer service skills that are professional and  communicate positively during the call. Once they have this mindset, their customer service will improve and so will customer satisfaction.

3.     Listen

It is important for call center agents to really listen to the customers and their issues. They must make sure they repeat back what the customer says to ensure they comprehend the customer’s issue. It’s also important to be engaging throughout the conversation to let the customer know they are following what they are saying.

4.     Empathize

Your customers must be able to feel that your representatives understand them and would feel the same way if they were in their position. When people feel as though they are understood, they are more likely to remain calm and work with you until you find a viable solution.

5.     Find a solution or alternative

Your agents must work to find a solution or alternative to help your customers. If the situation is out of their control, they need to utilize their customer service skills to elevate the issue to someone who can assist them and find a quick solution. It is always important to assure the customer that they are doing everything in their power to assist them and fix the situation.

These five key customer service tips will give your call center agents a working knowledge of what needs to be done to project the best image for your business. For more information on how AnswerNow can assist you with your customer service needs, contact our team today!