Prepare Your Call Center for the Future

Prepare Your Call Center for the Future

It’s a challenging time for call centers. Customers increasingly want their problems solved quickly and automatically via mobile-optimized interfaces, but we’ve found that they also still want human interaction when dealing with issues with their products and services. How can your call center best serve its customers moving forward in an ever-increasing prevalence of mobile technology use?

The Contact Center of the Future

contact center of the future

The Sweet Spot: Mix of Human Touch and Mobile Technology

The infographic points out some valuable statistics for call centers. Customers want their calls to be answered quickly, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – yet 67% of customers hang up when they can’t reach a human voice. This paradox means one of the most important things your call center can do moving forward is to find a way to make quality customer service available virtually all the time, complete with a little human interaction. This distinction will prove to set high-quality call centers apart from those unable to keep up with the changing demographics of their customer base. Check out the essential qualities of an exceptional call center with our free eBook here.

What steps will you take to prepare your call center for the future?

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