Why is a Call Center Important for Non-Profits?

Non-profit organizations rely on donations to keep them going throughout the year. Having the right protocols and tools in place for maximum productivity and effectiveness is key. One of the main issues non-profit organizations face is providing a high level of customer service with limited resources and staff.

There are a number of call center solutions for non-profits available that are designed to assist in keeping things organized. Utilizing a service of this nature can be beneficial.

Clients and Donors Deserve the Best Service

Projecting the most professional image is crucial to the longevity of your non-profit organization, considering that you will likely receive more donations if you have a solidly, professional answering service in place.

Even when staff and budgets are limited, having call center solutions in place will ensure all calls and interactions are timely, thorough and engaging. Let AnswerNow help you put your plan in place!

Call Center Solutions Provide an Exceptional Customer Service Experience

Donors want the ultimate experience and want to feel that their donation will be used for a worthy cause. Having the expertise and commitment of a   that can fully address customers in English and Spanish will allow you to have trained professionals working on your behalf to give your clients peace of mind, alleviate language barriers and help reinforce your cause.

AnswerNow’s Superior Service Offerings

As a major call center, Answer Now has a number of solutions that can assist in delivering a definitive impact for your non-profit organization:

  •        MarketNow

MarketNow helps process requests, assists with campaigns and lead responses, promotions, fundraising and contents, TV advertising and infomercial response and other solutions that helps manage your business.

  •        MessageNow

MessageNow frees up your staff and resources so they can be put to good use elsewhere within the organization. Your callers will have a high-quality, live customer service experience which also provides automated text, email and phone appointment reminders and other convenient solutions to help streamline your daily operations.

  •        ServiceNow

ServiceNow improves your workflow management by manning your customer hotlines, providing superior customer service, following up with customers and more to eliminate lag time and increase fulfillment of orders and requests that keep your company in a positive light.

Using a call center can guarantee your donors will feel that customer service is #1. AnswerNow’s call center solutions help reduce operational costs while tailoring your needs to your budget with the same level of service as a major organization. Having a resource that will assist in meeting your objectives is an integral part of your overall success. The enhancements at AnswerNow will not only fulfill those directives, but provides innovative solutions to common problems. Contact us today for a free quote!