How to Avoid Common Customer Service Mistakes

One of the best adages of any customer service position is that the customer is always right – even if they aren’t.

Customer call agents should always utilize this approach,  even in situations where customers call in with specific problems that may have been accidentally caused  by their actions, such as computer malfunctions. At the end of the day, it’s up to you and your team to fix these issues. The following areas are places where problems can easily arise, and strategies on how to minimize them from happening in the future.


Even if you’ve worked in the industry for years, you’ve only had a small taste of some of the unique situations people can get themselves into. Training managers or senior employees can share ways to turn tricky calls into positive customer service solutions. You can review past service interactions individually or as a group to identify what went right and what could have been done differently. This will help you prepare for these types of issues should they happen in the future.

Security Concerns

Many customers are reluctant to provide credit card or personal information via phone, so customer call agents must reassure them that all steps are taken to secure this data. This can include turning off video or audio recordings when numbers are given. The IT staff also should ensure that the computers that process these transactions are secure as well.

Realistic Expectations

Some customers will appreciate a refund if there’s a legitimate billing error, especially if you have those privileges or can point them to someone who does. But others, who may have been more frustrated, may request more extreme solutions such as extra money or having a co-worker disciplined who may have failed to provide satisfactory service. There are legal avenues for some of these concerns beyond your job description, but you can still focus on making promises you personally can keep – “I’ll look into it and get you an answer within the next business day,” is more honest than “Someone will get right on it.” Your clients will hopefully make your job easier by making sure advertised claims are legal and truthful. Otherwise, you’ll be the ones people will be calling with questions or concerns. To assist with customer calls, your client might also consider a 24-hour outsourced customer service center to assist with calls that happen during the afterhours. This will appeal to people who are unable to call during traditional business hours.

Upgrade Obsolete Systems

There are practical reasons for investing in hardware and software upgrades regularly – partly to stay competitive, but also to make sure your team has all the most modern tools and equipment to benefit the customer experience.

Remember that even though computer systems keep improving, there’s still no comparison to a human-staffed center. For more info on our contact center services or for a free quote contact us today!