The Best Way to Create Customer Confidence

Creating an atmosphere of trust and professionalism for any business starts with confidence. Customers who experience sloppy service when calling into a business are most likely to associate that business with a less than satisfactory service or product, no matter how beneficial it may be. After all, when a customer calls in to a live answering service, they are in need of a solution.

Some customers call in to inquire about a new service or product, while many customers contact businesses due to complaints, questions or concerns. The goal across the board is to be able to deal with someone who can assist them professionally and adequately. Dealing with these types of situations will require confidence on behalf of the customer service repsentative. If the agent is able to handle the question or concern sufficiently, they can create customer confidence within your call center service.

What destroys customer confidence?

When dealing with customers, the key to confidence starts with building your customer’s trust. Customers who do not have a good experience when calling into a business are most likely to end their business with the company altogether. As a customer service representative, if you say you are going to do a certain thing, but fail to follow through, you automatically lose your customer’s confidence. When the customer loses faith in your abilities, they also lose faith in the abilities of the company you represent, which may lead to lost customers and sales.

So what is the best way to improve customer confidence?

Thankfully you can avoid this misstep with a few tips. Start by following through on any promises with a prompt delivery. Return customers’ phone calls and avoid missing deadlines you’ve offered to the customers. Along these lines, if you tell a customer that you will give them great customer service, it is your duty to deliver on that promise. As you do these things, you are going to increase customer loyalty and build a network of trustworthiness. This will ensure customers continue to call into your live answering service whenever they are in need of assistance, keeping your company in business.

The experience should match the customer’s expectations

In order to do this you need to maintain your brand promise by not only meeting expectations but exceeding them. If you tell a customer you will deliver a service at a certain time, beat that timeline. Don’t wait until the thirteenth hour to make return calls. Push your service so that you are providing an above average experience. You will stimulate the customer’s interests and create amazement that will further increase customer confidence and loyalty.

Now that you know how to make a live answering service work best for your customer confidence goals, contact AnswerNow to inquire about our professionally maintained customer service call center.