Make Your Customers Happier with These 7 Phrases

Every call center is different in what kind of message their clients want their agents to share and what type of help they can provide. Though the client’s products and services may vary, what should never change is the call center agent’s positive outlook. He or she should figure out the best ways to listen politely to every caller and then work to resolve whatever concern or question they’re calling about.

Call center agents may appreciate this list of common phrases to use, which helps provide the ‘human touch’ instead of merely what automated systems offer. If said sincerely and appropriately, the following seven phrases can help callers feel more comfortable and reassured that their problem is important and will be worked on – two things pretty much everyone wants to hear, whether they’re unhappy or just have a question.

1. “I’ll keep you updated.”

This tells the caller that more work or research is needed, and that he or she will be kept in the loop. This is more reassuring than simply saying “thanks” or “maybe we’ll look into it.”

2. “What can I help you with?”

This introductory question tells the caller that the agent is ready and willing to assist – they just need some guidance on where to begin. It’s more direct than “How can I help?” or “May I help?”

3. “I can handle this for you.”

Many initially frustrated customers have heard this and breathed a sigh of relief—“finally, help is here.” This shifts the burden of “fix it” from the caller to the agent, with the agent personally pledging to make things right.

4. “I appreciate you reaching out to us.”

This thanks the person for calling, but in a formal way. It shows gratitude and tells them what they were calling about was certainly worth discussing, and shows that the whole team, not just the agent, feels this way.

5. “I’ll send you an update by (this) time.”

This shows that not only will the company take care of your concern, but within a certain amount of time. Hearing this will be reassuring to callers.

6. “I would be frustrated too.”

Hearing this will assure a caller that their strong reaction and high emotions are completely appropriate.

7. “I understand this isn’t fun, and I’ll take it from here.”

Being told this lets the caller know that the unpleasant part is over, and someone will be able to give them a hand. Agents don’t have to use all of these phrases every time, but they can definitely be used to help create a positive conversation. To receive more information or a request a quote, please contact us today!