Call Center Benefits for the Healthcare Industry

Call Center Benefits for the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry can directly benefit from utilizing call center solutions in a number of ways. With so much call traffic on an inbound and outbound level, having a call center may be the best option.

With so many rules and regulations tied to patient confidentiality and HIPAA compliance, having a viable solution that will keep your organization running smoothly can make a tremendous difference. Here are a few ways utilizing the services of a call center can help.

Call centers help to streamline scheduling processes

With healthcare entities having such a large call volume, a call center can seamlessly integrate into the current EMR (electronic medical record) and scheduling software to make scheduling appointments easier for your customers and your operations. Being able to operate at the highest levels of customer service will keep your organization running at optimal levels while keeping your clients and patients satisfied.

They provide accurate information with qualified professionals

There is nothing worse than having a question that cannot be answered. Patients become irritable when they are transferred multiple times and still do not receive the information they need. The staff at AnswerNow is extensively trained with the ability to answer a myriad of questions, providing the correct information to patients and individuals who may call in for assistance. Having a call center agent who understands the sensitivity of working with confidential patient information is key and will help increase productivity while remaining HIPAA compliant.

Option for HIPAA-compliant text messaging

Patient confidentiality and safety is a huge concern, especially with the integration of technology. One of the greatest benefits of using call center solutions that are designed for the healthcare industry is the ability to use HIPAA compliant text messaging. Through AnswerNow’s intelligence system, texts can be sent directly to the medical provider or physician from the hospital or patient through secure, HIPAA compliant apps.

These are just a few extensive call center benefits that can be implemented using AnswerNow. With the healthcare industry continuously evolving, having protocols in place that will keep productivity and confidentiality at high levels is crucial to the survival of your organization.

There’s nothing like having peace of mind knowing that your organization is in compliance at all times. Using call center solutions specifically designed to accomplish this can save money on overhead, hiring additional employees, and in avoiding fines that may occur as a result of HIPAA non-compliance. For more information on how we can help, contact an associate at AnswerNow today!