What the best virtual assistant companies offer

What the best virtual assistant companies offer

Have you ever heard about virtual assistants and wondered what the fuss was about? Surely they could never be as effective as having on-site staff, right? In reality, hiring a virtual assistant can deliver many benefits to your business. And if you’re in the healthcare business, outsourcing a virtual assistant can help you provide more flexibility, privacy, and safety to your patients.

The key to offering a great virtual reception service to your patients lies in choosing an experienced, trustworthy company to provide professional operators. By hiring one of the best virtual assistant companies, you’ll ensure that your business will get to work with operators who have been previously trained to perform all the tasks that your day-to-day operations require.

Oursourcing Virtual Receptionists for Medical Providers

Outsourcing a virtual assistant can make your patients feel less constrained when they have to reach your business. Without a virtual assistant, patients who want to book an appointment or have an inquiry have to either personally go to your on-site location, or call staff who might be overworked and can’t pick up every phone call. Once you hire a virtual answering service, however, your new operators will be able to take every phone call and provide warm, friendly, and professional assistance to every patient or prospective customer.

Additionally, the best virtual assistant companies will be able to do much more than just taking phone calls. Depending on your business’ needs, operators can help you handle collections, check up on providers, and even refer certain calls directly to you or other on-site staff.

VA’s Provider ‘Round the Clock Availability

By hiring a virtual secretary, you’ll also be able to provide your patients with 24/7 availability. Everyone who works in healthcare knows that inquiries and emergencies can come up anytime, anywhere. And if your patients try to contact your office and no one answers the phone, they might just look for help with another healthcare provider. In this day and age, being easily reachable is one of the key elements for success.

A great virtual assistant company will be able to provide operators who work from different time zones, ensuring that your business’ phone will never be unattended. Once an operator picks up the call, they’ll be able to either provide the necessary information, take a message, or refer urgent phone calls to on-site workers.

These companies can also ensure that your customers’ data is completely secure. You might think that hiring the services of a virtual answering company can be a risk for privacy and safety, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The top virtual assistant companies provide their operators with the training necessary to maximize your customers’ privacy and safety.

HIPAA Regulations and Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is the legislation that protects medical data privacy, and when you work in the healthcare business, abiding by it is usually one of your biggest goals. The best virtual answering services make sure that their operators are capable of maintaining confidentiality while handling patients’ information, medical records, and communications. This is a vital step to keep your patients satisfied and your business safe from lawsuits.

Since a virtual receptionist is also able to handle bill collections, hiring a trustworthy company also ensures that the operators working for your company will be well-versed in how to keep your customers’ credit card information safe. This will allow you to maintain a PCI compliant business, which will help patients and customers feel safer when providing their financial information.

Hiring a virtual reception service has many other benefits. It will allow you to save money on the training costs that are always associated to hiring new staff. Hiring virtual assistants also means that you’ll be bringing in operators who are already trained and can get to work immediately, without having to go through a trial or training period.

As long as you provide operators with the necessary information, they’ll be able to create a personalized customer service experience for each client. Your virtual reception will be able to provide each customer with the information and help that they need, ensuring a positive customer experience from the moment they first reach out to your business. Having professional operators on the line to handle inquiries 24/7, while also ensuring HIPAA and PCI compliance, and protecting your patients’ privacy can make a world of difference for your business.

Those are only some of the reasons why hiring one of the best virtual assistant companies can be the beginning of a new era for your business. A great virtual reception service can make your business run smoothly, protect you against lawsuits, and keep customers happy and satisfied 24/7, 365 days of the year.