The Top 5 Answering Service Blog Posts of 2016

top 5 answering service blog postsIn 2016 we’ve produced over 35 blog posts. Since you might have missed a few, we’ve decided to gather a list of our
most  viewed blog posts for this year. We feel that it is the perfect way to look back at the year and see what topics our readers enjoyed most.

Here are the 5 most viewed blog posts in 2016:

7 Alarming Customer Service Stats on Customer Retention:

When operating in a customer service environment, knowing your customers and how to retain them is key. With so many different options available to your competitors, having a blueprint on what NOT to do can make a tremendous difference in the services you offer and the way customers are handled. Today’s customer wants the experience, with a “what’s in it for me?” mindset. Companies must rise to the challenge and provide that service beyond customer expectations.

Hablas Español? Why Your Business Needs a Spanish Answering Service:

The Spanish-speaking population of the whole U.S. is on the rise. This number, which includes Hispanics and non-Hispanics, now represents 17 percent of total population and continues to grow. This trend is excellent news to our business community, which now has a growing customer base as more people either move to the U.S. or grow up here but still speak Spanish. Businesses can make the experience even easier by offering Spanish-speaking services, and not requiring customers to speak English, a language that many find difficult to master. Find out why a call center is a smart move.

12 Shocking Customer Service Statistics:

Customer service is often an overlooked aspect of business, yet it is, without a doubt, one of the most important areas a business can focus on. Many business owners do not realize the effects a bad customer service experience can have on a company. Take a look at a business that is thriving and most likely you will see a business with great customer service. There are so many benefits that come when you treat your customer’s right. Including trust, loyalty, brand awareness, less issues, and the ability to draw in more customers. Aren’t these all things that every business should be striving for? The Infographic illustrates 12 statistics that show how much of an impact customer service really has on a business.

The Secret to Enhancing Your Customer Service Efficiency:

The best call center employees go beyond simply answering the phone – they focus on the end goal of helping callers have a satisfying experience, whether it’s assisting in unraveling a problem, answering questions, or contacting someone to help them further. Some busy centers also focus on quantity as well as quality — they don’t necessarily race through the calls without helping them, but they do strive to be efficient in keeping things moving. Call centers place high emphasis on regular training and encourage everyone to continually strive for customer service efficiency in all areas. Here are a few secrets of how to enhance the customer service efficiency of your call center.

4 Essential Multicultural Customer Service Tips:

Today’s world is globalized thanks to the wonders of technology. We can talk to people from any continent in real-time. We can even use video technology to speak and see individuals from thousands of miles away. Along with this wondrous ability comes the need to be culturally sensitive as a business. Every culture has its own faux pas and rules, which is part of what constitutes a group in society as a culture. As a customer service provider, it is essential to provide culturally appropriate contact center services. In lieu of this, here are 4 essential multicultural customer service tips to help your business.

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